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Chamomile Tea Tin

฿ 12

Soothing, calming Chamomile flowers to help relieve stress and fatigue.
This delicate Glenburn tisane is made from the finest Chamomile flowers, with a fresh yet soothing taste and a warm, calming aroma that cheers the soul. A herb that looks very much like a daisy, Chamomile has been used for centuries to calm and soothe. A perfect night-time cuppa, but you can also sip this delicious infusion at any time of the day to lift and revive. A cure for a common cold or an upset tummy, but also a refreshing drink, so this is certainly one you should keep handy at home or at work.

Classic Teas of India – Glenburn Gift Set


A strong, malty Assam, a delicate, flavoury Darjeeling, and a smooth, refreshing Green - a fine collection of classic teas from the famous tea growing regions of India.
Indian tea is world famous thanks to the diverse geographical locations, climatic variations and growing conditions that are found in our vast, beautiful country. The most sought after of these are teas produced in Assam, famous for the distinct, strong and malty taste born in the Brahmaputra river valley; and those produced in the Himalayan mountains of Darjeeling, renown for a delicate and flavory cup of light-liquoring tea. Our experienced tea-makers at Glenburn and Khongea Tea Estates bring you these 3 distinctive varieties - A truly classic collection of fine Indian tea packaged in a natural jute bag - a perfect gift for any tea lover.
Teas Included: Khongea Assam Golden Tips Tea (50g), Glenburn Darjeeling Autumn Crescendo Tea (50g), Glenburn Darjeeling Green Tea (50g)

English Breakfast Tea Bags

The perfect everyday breakfast tea, in a convenient pyramid teabag.
A classic breakfast tea of the highest quality. Our English Breakfast is a marriage of two individually wonderful teas, a Darjeeling from Glenburn, and an Assam Leaf Tea from Khongea. These two teas are quite different from each other, and compliment each other beautifully. The subtler flavour and aroma of the Darjeeling leaf serves to mellow the rich and malty Assam tea. A joint celebration of the two great tea-producing regions of India. Blended to be delicious with or without milk. 20 individually wrapped pyramid teabags.